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Your phone systems are more than just a means to an end; they are the lifeblood of many companies. It’s important, even in this age of emails and texts, to have a fast and reliable phone system that can handle whatever you need it to. While it might seem like setting up a phone is as easy as plugging it in, it will quickly become clear just how complicated the process can be.

We can install and service customer owned and hosted phone systems, as well as making sure your entire staff is well-trained on their use. CommRaider Inc. can help with everything from voicemail to hold music, and your employees will know how to use all of it. If you’ve ever seen a phone with more buttons than you know what to do with, then you know how important this training can be! Stop worrying about hanging up on customers when you try to transfer them and get the training you need.

We can even help you figure out exactly which outside provider to use for your phone systems. You might be paying too much for your current provider, or maybe you’re not sure what kind of internet service you need. Our years of experience in the Chicago, IL area mean that we can consult with you and let you know exactly who you should be using. It doesn’t matter if you are installing new equipment, upgrading your current system, or just want to make sure you’ve got the right setup. Call now for your consultation.

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